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well i'm happy the freaken semester is over. it sure did go by fast. well in psychology i got a 94 on my exam thats pretty much expected since he gave the test and answers a few days before. well in english iwas pissed off because she gave me a 99 on my project. i personally thought i should of got a 100 because i worked my ass off on that project just to get a few points off because i underlined Works Cited well la la la im sorrryy it just makes me mad. in history i passed my history exam!! but by barely (a 74) so overall i got a 88 in that class for 1st semester .i still have next semester to go with that class. but im happy i passed that exam. it is soo funny though with my friend justin and that class. ok well he pretty much had no chance of passing that class meaning he cant go on to next semester but he got a 82 on that exam and got an overall grade of a 70!!! lmao i thought that was pretty funny/cool. but ya i get to go to the mall today!!! o ya my grandma came yesterday.. thats pretty cool love her very much. but it was awkward that my grandpa wasnt there (he died jan 2001) i dunno it was always my sister and grandma and then me and my grandpa. so its like when jessica and my grandma were talking about their nails it just hit me like this is why i miss my grandpa because it was always me and him and now its like he wont ever be there again. :( sorry ill start crying if i go on. well i g2g ttyl!
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