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wow theres a mood icon called predatory..i dont believe im that right now but iwant tosee what the face looks like hehe. well last night was actually cool. i talked to heather for a good hour or so. she's really cool. well ya. my dad just called me nick, not nicole, not nicki, not peanuthead,not anything else. just nick. it kinda freaked me out. it was like he was too lazy to say hey you or nicole. i dunno it was weird. but ya he was just wondering if i wanted scrambled eggs which i happily agreed to minus all the junk he was putting in my mom's eggs. well im really excited 2 more days and its christmas eve. to me its like f*** christmas, christmas eve is the best!cuz in my family tradition christmas eve is technically christmas to us. on christmas eve we have a big seafood dinner. grr i hope dad is cooking clams this year. but most likely it will be shrimp (yuck), lobster (always good), clams (crosses fingers) and squid ..which i dont eat and i dont think ive ever had o wait there was this one time my dad fried it and i didnt think much of it until it was in my mouth and he said it was squid..i still ate it but thats not the point. and then after dessert and all my mom starts to call all the relatives cuz its an italian custom to do everything on christmas eve. so all my relatives in new york are doing the same stuff we are down those calls last a good...o ill say 5 hours (just kidding. it seems that long bc after calls we get to open gifts) so then after the last phone call me and jess go to the tree and act like little 5 year olds "can we open them yet. come on mom!!" so she sets up her camera (yes she still does that) then we open..i open my gifts in about......2 mins flat and just sit there watching my sister open her 2nd gift. speaking of gifts..grr this is common in all households where there are siblings.

this my friends occurs at our house. and this year it seems to be who got the bigger/more gifts. and the winner is jessica!! yup thats right my younger more dumber more spoiled sister. maybe this is a hint that i got one really big gift..that maybe has 4 doors, 4 wheels. a horn, steering wheel,radio......*sigh* that would be great but not likely to happen. it would be cool really cool though!

mmmm..eggs are done. i put salt and pepper on mine..first it was salt cuz my grandpa made mine like that and they are good. they are a healthy looking yellow color today and hash browns with this good seasoning. well i better go i wrote enough today and its not like anyone reads my journals.except john,austin,and midori,phil..kelly eep..ok maybe a couple so you guys rock!!!
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